Monday, May 30, 2011

New Order

I received some new threads today in the mail.  Sullivan's threads.  I had never heard of them until recently.  I printed off some freebie patterns and they called for these threads, so I wanted to check them out.  I'm no where near ready to start those patterns, so the thread will keep.  I also received some white ink for my card making kit and some new needles.
For my stay at the hospital I put 2 knitting projects and 2 cross stitch projects in my bag.. also some magazines and books.  I'm hoping to make some progress if not finish something either the mags, books or stitching.  I think the book and mag are no problem the rest...meh!
I guess that is all for this week.

Comes in Threes

Just when I report that all seems healthy don't we go and find a baby with his foot caught in a grate and it was broken.  Brad splinted it up the best he could and the little guy took off running, well limping at quite a speed.  Here is the poor baby.

We had another little guy not feeling well this morning, but upon checking this afternoon he seems to be a little better.  We'll give him a good look tonight.
My big boy Dino (cat) also had something happen to him.. found him laying in his bed with a puncture wound on his back.  It was perfectly round and oozing.
Brad thinks it may have been a worm or something.  I'm more comfortable thinking he rolled on a nail or got stuck in the barb wire.  Anyhow he is freshly wormed in case.
It seemed all the goats had a wonderful afternoon tanning and lazing around on the beach..

I wish it was a real beach and it was warm enough to join them.

I'm heading into the hospital for some repair surgery, so hopefully I'll be able to be back good as new in a week or so..

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nearly Done

Barn news.  A new fence was placed and the goats were released.  They had the area leveled in almost the same amount of time it took for Brad to get it up.  By the second day all the new growth was gone.  The herd is being put into the pasture this weekend.  I wish there was a way for us to keep the smallest babies back near the barn.
We had another death and another near death.  B40 died leaving 2 babies 1 month old.  So we now have 9 bottle babies again.  Another mama is pretty close to death, we'll see when we do chores tonight.  I'm convince due to the reading in my books and on different goat sites that we have Johne's Disease going through our herd.  There is no cure at this time.  Other than the standard colds going around all the other goats 'seem' healthy.
The chickens are still in the garden, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.  The new chicks are to arrive on Thurs. so this weekend will be spent making sure the chicken coop is ready for them.
I'm still thining about getting a dairy goat, just not sure of the commitment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


On the craft front.  My friend Wilena came out a couple days ago and helped me set up the quilt rack.  My quilt is on it and stitching has begun.  It is definately easier to just hand it to someone and say "quilt it up please", but I will get it done.  Here is me in my nighty stitching.

Justine's wedding quilt came back and I just have to put the binding on it.  It is lovely if I do say so myself.  I'll get a picture up when I get it finished.  I'm still working on my monthly owls from OakHaven and have started the April Owl.  Hopefully I'll get some more finished on it tonight while I watch Grey's Anatomy.  Brad is staying late at work, so I'll have no interruptions.  I've packed a few other projects in a bag to take to the hospital with me to work on for the 3 days I'll be in recovery.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Done

It is officially over.  Our kidding season is done.  I put the last 2 mamas out of the nursery today and into the common room.  We have weaned 5 bottle babies with several more to go.  2 more will be weaned by the end of the week.  Brad has made the decision to keep Oreo.  She is one of our biggest babies and very stocky and healthy.  He thinks she will be a good producer.
This weekend we had lots of help and with the mild weather got some outdoor stuff done.  Laura and I mowed the weeds and raked them up from the garden.  Then we, with her son and 2 other kids disposed of the clippings.  The kids brought over an old dog house from the field across the road.. Well no one had claimed it in 2.5 years..Laura and I bought over a chicken waterer and feeder and some other kids brought over the chickens from the barn and voila, they have a new outdoor home for a couple weeks.  Then Brad will spray and we'll rototille, then plant.  Some of the kids also did some minor repairs to the permanent chicken villa, so after the garden they will go in there (if they survive--they aren't producing anything so why am I keeping them?)
Brad, Laura, Gerry and Andrew then pounded posts to increase the grazing area for the goats.  Andrew and Brad will finish it up this weekend.  We also (well I supervised) trimmed the lilac and the evergreen outside the livingroom window so we could see out.  Brad still isn't happy with it, so he and Andrew will adjust that this weekend too.  Lots of people, but good eats and conversation.
I put in a request for an estimate on new windows and doors.  I hope they'll make it out this week.  I have dreams of new windows and doors to go with my new deck...
I wish this was to be, but you get the idea.  We can cross our fingers that any renovations happen this summer.

Crafting:  I joined a new block of the month.  I know just what I needed.  It is a quilt done in flannel--Mystery quilt, so I haven't a clue what the pattern will be.  All I was able to see was 3 colours that would be in it.  So far so good.  She'll call when she has the first 3 months cut out for me.  It started in March--so much for being on the mailing list.  That's about it for that.

I had my day in town yesterday--Had a painful, but wonderful massage.  I don't think there was anywhere on me that didn't hurt when she touched me.  I think she tried to dodge the bruises. Well at least I'll be headache free for a bit until the stress works it way up again.  Met up with mom for the legion's Mother's Day tea--hmmmm  Went on to get groceries.  Mom ran into me there and we continued on to Canadian Tire and saw some wonderful bedding plants.  When I get the yard landscaped a little so the dogs can't just lay in the flower bed I may be able to buy some.  Then on to Walmart to get a few things--managed to stay away from the electronic department :)  Then home to make supper for the boys.  Altogether it was a good day.  Today the weather is just gorgeous.  Slight breeze and 20 degrees--perfect.  I wish it could stay around this temp all summer well maybe 25 degrees.
Argh!  a bird just flew into my freshly cleaned window.. I guess I did too good of a job.
Well off I go now..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

100% off

That is the price you can take my headaches for.  Mom has been after me for a while to go to the doctors about them, but they aren't migraine type so what would the doctor even say about them?
All is well down at the barn.  We had a little surprise on Monday.  A mama that I deemed most likely not pregnant turned out to be pregnant.  She blessed us with a chunky little girl.  Both are doing well in the nursery.  I do believe we are now done with our kidding for this year.  Now to just get all the bottle babies off and fatten them all up and off they go.  We've been catching mice down at the barn like crazy.  In the time that it takes to make the milk that little trap (with no bait) will catch at least 6.  The dogs don't even need any food anymore as they are eating all the mice.  I would really like the cats to be put down there, but I really don't think we'll get them to stay.
Brad and I (mostly Brad) brought 2 loads of hay home, only 40 more bales at 14 bales/ trip.  Then I imagine it's on to the other fields.  It has been threatening rain today and he's wanting to get them home before it rains.

I am only behind now on my May quilt blocks by a day or two.  I think I'm doing pretty good.  I also started another quilt.  This one is a table topper or wall hanging (winter)  I cut some blocks out, but have to talk to my quilting lady to find out how to do paper piercing to make some other blocks.  I really should quit quilting for a bit and get some other crafts done. My scrapbooking is being thoroughly neglected.  I also received my first package in the Card of the Month club.  I get all the materials to make like 8 cards or something mailed to me every 6 weeks or so.  I'd like to get started on those too.

Well I better get off and peel apples.  Too bad fruit doesn't peel itself.  I want to make some crisp for supper.