Monday, August 8, 2011

It is over

Several things have ended in the last couple weeks.  The main one is the bottle feeding.  We are done for this season and it feels so good to just go check on the goats without having to spend an hour down there making and feeding bottles.  They are all doing fine at this moment and we are preparing to take the biggest ones--we're hoping 40 pounds and up to the market on Monday next.  A friend is coming out for the week to have his vacation and to help Brad with things around here.
Second is the chicks.  They are no longer chicks and they are ready for butchering.. Unfortunately that isn't happening until the Labour Day weekend.  They are huge and eating us out of house and home.
Third was a short lived episode with ducklings.  An aquaintance called and said they had run over a mama duck and had kept the babies, but couldn't anymore would we be willing to look after them.  We agreed.  We placed them in the nursery room in the barn.  Day 2 -One duckling died. (well really disappeared), Day 3 -3 ducklings died. and Day 4 the last died.  I haven't a clue why other than maybe it just got too cold in there at night or they didn't know how to get their food.. don't know.  I feel horrible that they all died after being rescued, but what can one do?

Nothing has happened on the craft front as I've had company and can't really do much. I did manage to put a few stitches in a project but that is it.

The main event:  The Wedding!  It is over and done with--not paid for yet, but hopefully tomorrow.  The grooms parents foot the bill for the catering and we 'need' to pay them back.  They weren't suppose to pay it, but the facility we used isn't being run in the most organized way at the moment and the bill wasn't brought out until everyone else had left.  I assumed they would mail it, by that point.
Here are a few pictures from the event.

Till next time.