Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter is Arriving

Another month since I posted.  Oh my goodness...

Construction or should I say destruction down at the barn.  Brad is removing walls and stalls.  He just wants a big open barn that is better for cleaning.  He can use the bobcat then instead of  3 or 4 of us with shovels.  He plans to leave one or two stalls for birthing.  I have done a head count at the barn and we have lost more goats than have been recorded.  I'm not sure how but nonetheless there are 12 less than we thought.  We have kept back 4 little ones.. An aquaintance of mine was suppose to take two for pets, but she never showed up to take them, so they will be staying.  They were just too little at the time to send to market.  They will have to wait until the next round.
Well I am routinely getting at least 3 eggs a day.  Awesome!  I don't have to buy eggs anymore..There is still something in barn trying to eat them though because there is usually a hole in one of them.

Today the wind is howling, well all night really.  There is a skift of snow on the ground and it looks soooo cold.  It is suppose to go down to -27°C tomorrow night so we'll have to wait and see.  I can see it happening and I always feel so bad for the outdoor animals when it does that.  If the temps are dipping that low already it is definitely going to be a bitterly cold winter.  Yikes.  I wish we had stalls in the upper barn for the horses.

Nothing has been done with any crafts except the purchase of new items.. Geesh! I'm going to take my mom's quilt in to be quilted soon.  That will be one of her gifts for Christmas.  I also found a cross stitch that I made for her quite a while ago.  It just needs framing, so that will be her other half.  I did join two Christmas Ornament Exchanges.  I have one finished and sent off and the other is at least started.  Mail date is Dec. 4 I believe.  Better get busy on it.  Hopefully some more progress on something will be done on this terribly snowy/windy day.

The two remaining kittens are gone now.  The house is back to normal if you can call it normal.  Rachel has applied to college, so we are hoping to hear in the next couple weeks whether she is in or not.  She'll stay living at home working this winter and next summer, then head off in the fall.  She has found a job for the winter and so has her boyfriend.  They are set.   Danielle is going for her road test next week.  She wants a job and doesn't want me to have to drive her.  Our play was good.  People enjoyed it anyway.  We had 6 performances--wasn't sold out at any but a good turnout.  I'm glad it's over, but am interested to see what play is picked for next year.

I guess that is it for now.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures for next update.  It think it adds to the blurb.