Thursday, February 24, 2011

New One

Well after a dry two weeks, we've had another mom give us twins.  They are very very little and weak.  I don't expect one of them to make it.  Mom is very skittish and doesn't seem to have an interest in the babies.  I'll check on them in a couple hours to see if anything has changed.  I really don't want anymore bottle babies, but ...
Our little floppy head baby is still holding on, but I'm not sure how much longer she can.  From what we can tell she has extensive nerve damage.  Her legs and always shivering and she has no control over her functions except her head.  She manages to still drink her bottle.  We have several sneaky petes in the barn too always trying to get milk from those who are not their moms.  Some are very skinny and probably need to.  I really wish we had tagged these babies.  We have a mom or two whom I suspect has dried up and we haven't a clue who their babies are to bottle them.
I still have mixed feelings as to whether I want to just downsize our herd and keep them or actually sell everything.  Life would definiately be easier without them, but I do like watching and interacting with the moms.  Maybe we should give it a chance with a smaller herd and maybe we'll like it more.  It could be a difficult decision though as to who stays and who goes.  Some of the moms will be easy to decide upon.  Nature is taking care of some of the culling.  We've lost a few and at least 3 more look like they won't be around too much longer.  We're not sure what is causing it, but hopefully come spring when they can get out and graze things will look better.  I'm sure in about 2 months or so our first babies will be ready to go.  They sure are getting fat and big.  We'll also send a batch of adults that we no longer want then.

I've started Justine and Eddie's quilt.  I'm not sure I'm cutting it right for the amount of fabric, but hopefully it will work out.  I think this one I'll take and have quilted because I would like it done for their wedding.  I'll get the top done in time, but no way will the rest get done. 
I'm missing 3 of my blocks of the month.  I cannot find them anywhere in the house.  I know I have them, but where oh where are they?  I got on a roll stitching those up and now have to stop until they can be located.  My new block of the month is meeting on Tues. next week.  I'm looking forward to getting out I think.  I don't like hauling all my stuff over all the time, but it gives me help and conversation and a change of scenery.  I'm also going to be starting 2 new SALs.  Funky Flowers and EMS Flowers.  There are several of us in my online group that are going to be doing this.  I just need to be a little more organized and set time aside to do them.

Tonight Brad wants me to go with him 1.5 hours away to look at a snowmobile.  I'm not happy with the decision of his to get one, but he feels it will be useful for hunting coyotes.  Sure...
After he told me that all guilt from buying 'stuff' on the weekend went right out the window.  Since we only have enough snow one out of every three years to even use it, I'm sure it will sit in the shed like the motorbike.  Boys and their toys...

Well time for breakfast and tea now, and to check on Taylor to see if he is doing his school work without being told.  hahahahaha

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's been quite a while since I was last on here.. Busy busy.  Taylor and I have been down at the barn 3 times a day to feed and watch for new ones.  We are down to 29 pregnant does.  There may be some in there that aren't pregnant but we won't know until we're down to the last.  A pregnancy test would be easier, but more expensive than waiting.  We now have 15 bottle babies--12 in a pen and 3 out.  We've bought 2 milk feeders, but the babies seem to like having the physical contact of people and they seem to only drink from it if we are there.  That isn't the purpose  :(   We have lost 3 babies recently to malnutrition (we believe)  Brad mentioned the possibility of mouse poop poisoning as there seems to be quite a few mice in the creep feeder.  We haven't figured which is better, the chance of the goats dying from toxemia from the cat poop or dying from eating bad mice poop.  I think we should stick a cat or 2 down there.  The problem would be keeping them in there.  They aren't used to the barn or the goats and I don't think the mice would be enough of a lure to keep them there.  I'm hoping Brad will take our first shipment of goats to the market on March 12.  I figure the bucks and any moms who have dried up or didn't have babies can be sent.  That will clear out several and we can then shift the older/bigger babies and their moms into a different area.  Will he agree?  The babies are now hopping all around and jumping up and down on the little snow banks around the barn.  It is so fun to watch.  I'll have to get a picture or video--maybe later today.

Well craft wise,   I'm trying to catch up on my 2010 block of the month.  I'm on July now.  I'm also working on the 2011 block of the month.  They are doing 2 a month and so far I'm on April.  Still on track.  I joined a few SAL's for cross stitching and it is hard trying to keep up.  We had our book club meeting and it was fairly good.  They haven't yet picked another book, the leader Janice is going to do that.  I also went to my first Homeschool meeting since moving here.  It is in Stettler.  The ladies all seem nice.  It is a fairly laid back group, mostly a social gathering over coffee.  I mentioned that I would like some topics every now and then, not just gabbing.  We'll see if anything comes up.

Well on to the rest of my day.  Happy Valentines in case I'm not on here again before then.