Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring

Well I posted some pictures on facebook the other day of our beautiful spring weather, like these ones.

But, today I have to post, sadly, another winter type picture.

We are going to be blasted all this week by more snow.  Fortunately it is suppose to be fairly mild as well.
All the wet weather has made all the little baby goats hair curl.  It is quite cute.  Sorry I didn't have my camera to take some pictures.
Our latest happening in the barn was a little gal who got herself caught in the creep feeder.  Her little horns are just long enough to get stuck.  I don't think she'll be trying the feeder anytime soon.
We have currently had 5 newer moms.  They are in a little area all to themselves as their little ones just aren't as big as the others and I don't want to risk an accident.  So far so good with them.  That is about it for farmland..Oh I did buy a couple packets of seeds this week, but considering the amount of snow we still have I don't think I'll be starting them anytime in the near future.

Crafting news.  I got my 2 blocks of the month done for March and also finished a block from my Thimbleberries quilt.  I also ordered some fabric to finish Justine and Eddie's quilt and it has finally arrived.  Now to get going on it to get it finished and to the quilters to be quilted.  I want it done right.  I've been plowing through my SAL's and not getting very far.  I am missing a DMC colour and won't be able to finish it until I get it.  I get quite annoyed when that happens.

We are getting company this week.  My brother and his family, my uncle, my aunt and uncle and my cousin.  Also Danielle is coming home to visit the relatives. So...I guess I'll be cleaning and not getting much else done.
That is it for now.. see you all next time.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Again

Well after 3 days of pretty icky weather, it cleared up and stablized.  The goats finally went out to eat again.  They really don't like the wind.  Brad gave them 4 fresh bales and it should be great today.  On the sad part we lost out latest 2 little twins.  I guess their mama knew something we didn't when she rejected them--although if she hadn't rejected them they might have lived. 
They both died the exact same way a day apart.  I'm not sure why and we can't find anything in any of our readings.  We have another older baby on her way out--isn't drinking.  We think we located her mom and she does have milk--although it doesn't look like much--but she won't drink.  We forced a bottle (didn't take much force as she had no energy to fight) into her, so hopefully she will be alive when we got down there in half hour.  I'm really mad that we didn't investigate the herd we got before we bought.  We just trusted these guys because they were a friend of a friend.  Never again.  Rachel and I are sure that at least half our herd came to us infected and that is what is causing our problems. I also had my video running and caught a bit of our babies playing.

On the quilt front.  I screwed up my wedding quilt.  I changed the colours from the pattern, but didn't write those colour changes down in the pattern and ended up using the wrong piece for the frame around the blocks.  I ran out of course and my store, of course, doesn't have any more.  Then there was the trouble of the piece I was suppose to use for that purpose now has to be used for the other piece's purpose.  Will there be enough?  My quilt lady says 'just enough if you don't mess up'.  I managed to track down 2 yards of the stuff I messed up with and it should be here in a couple weeks.  I had to order it from the States
It looks like the right piece so cross your fingers.  At any rate that quilt is on hold until the fabric comes in.  So back to my block of the month.  Not sure if I mentioned that I found my missing 3 blocks, so I can carry on with that.  I made a bit of progress on my Stitchalongs.  I framed one--still waiting for that pattern to arrive by mail--and framed and started the second one.  I have misplaced my other SAL for February so I guess today's chore will be finding it.  I have March's sitting here, but can't stitch that without February placed.
Rachel has been home this week for reading week and I've liked her company.  I feel bad that we really haven't done much fun stuff while she's been here, but I guess she knows what our life is like.  I wish she planned to move back home for a bit after school, but she wants to get right out there working and being with friends.
Well off to the barn I go..