Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Fun

Some shower pictures for you.
 Eddie's mom, Danielle, Rachel, Justine, Jillian, Me

 The cake made by Heather Stern

 Missing 2 bridesmaids

The bow and ribbon hat, created by nana and grandma
Well the niece and nephew arrived with the mother in law and things are going okay.  Everyone is getting along with everyone else thus far.  I've had my other niece over for a few days and both girls are very energetic about doing chores with me.  They both love bottle feeding the baby goats.  We are down to 1.75 cups once a day now and hopefully by the weekend these ones will be done.  I have a hard time weaning them. Oh the latest orphan we had also has not needed the bottle.  As near as I can figure he has managed to find someone to allow him to nurse.  There is no way at his age of 3 weeks, now 4 , that he can be so full all the time from grass and water.  We had to force him to take the bottle at first, but now we don't even try.  We check his belly once a day and he always seems to be full.
     The older babies are all going to be taken to market on the 15th of August.  It will be hard to say goodbye to them.  Then we'll have a semi empty barn for about 8 months until all the babies start coming again.
    We did find the one remaining kitten of the 4 and found that yes, that dead kitten from the other post was indeed one of ours.  I'm hoping my brother will take the baby and possibly his older brother/dad.  That particular mom is pregnant again and that doesn't make me happy as she is such a tiny/weak cat.  I have to get these boys off my property.  I don't believe it is any neighbours male coming here.  One of our other outdoor cats is getting ready to pop anytime also.
     The chicks are getting very close to being butchered.  By looks we could do it now, but in reality we have another month and a bit.  I can't believe how big, how fast the broilers got.  Boy do they drink the water up.  Between all of them they drink a 5 gallon water bucket every day.

Well the wedding plans are almost done.  The only question I have at the moment is whether the caterer/owner is supplying munchies and beverages for the dance or not.  We aren't suppose to be bringing food into the facility, but I don't recall if they take care of that or not.  I'll ask Justine and if not, we'll have to pick that up.  I have to yet purchase pop and coolers.  There are no bar facilities so we have to have coolers full of ice.  I hope we can figure it all out.  So nerve wracking.  I don't think I was like this at my own wedding.  I'm going today to talk to a hair dresser and see what she can do and possibly have her do it today if she can.  My nails get done on Friday at noon.  I will pick my sister in law up from the airport and we head in to get them done.  She is also having some put on.  Fake ones I mean.

Crafting has been null since my company arrived, well I did manage to get a few stitches in one of my pieces.  I also managed to spend more money and had my niece pick out colours she liked for a future quilt.  I'll have to get on that one first thing this winter.  She's already expecting it in the mail.. lol..  It is going to be a rainy afternoon here I think, so maybe I can get something done somewhere regarding crafting.
Amanda and I never did find the yarn store, so that will be added to our next trip along with a GPS.

I'm presuming the next post will have some wedding pictures for you, so see you then.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Closer

Closer to what?  The end?  I don't know, just seemed to be the right title for today.  We have another mom down and out at the barn.  I sure wish we knew what it was?  Brad thinks worms.. We really need to get them on a better worming system.  Unfortunately this is our last mom to have a baby which means if she doesn't pull through, and Brad suspects she'll be gone this morning, then we have a 3 week old bottle baby again.  Just when I was weaning the last 3 starting Tues.  Ugh!! anyone want to buy a bottle baby.  He is really cute.
In the house animal department, Alana has successfully had her kittens, which turned 3 weeks old on Wed.

Aren't they so adorable?  They are also up for grabs.  They will be litter trained indoors, but will probably have a strong mousing instinct.  It runs in their family.
We lost a kitten/cat the other day too.  We cannot determine if it was one of our latest outdoor kittens or a stranger cat.  However, we cannot find our remaining 2 outdoor kittens so chances are good that , that is who it was.  I'm not sure what happened to it, but I am trying to be able to say with some flippantcy "That's farm life".
Taylor and I accomplished our major task yesterday of mowing the yard.  It only took 7 hours spread into 2 days.  I push mowed part of the front and back yards and Taylor push mowed the rest.  I then used the riding mower for the rest of the yard.  We do have one more little strip along the driveway to finish and I'm hoping Taylor will get that done today.  It is hard dodging branches and birds, gophers, dog toys and mice.  But it is done.  Now at least it will look presentable for our company tomorrow.
This morning I awoke at 5:17am to Taylor's cat (who went out last night and wouldn't come back in) meowing to be let in, then magpies fighting over the dog food that was left in the dish.

They are huge loud birds for those reading that haven't heard of them.

Today is city day.  My sister in law and I are heading to the city for groceries and shopping.  Since I only have grocery money there isnt' going to be a lot of shopping happening, but she really hasn't been there so it will be an experience.  It will be a really great day for travelling anyway as long as it doesn't get too warm.--no air conditioning.  Brad and Kevin are heading to the gun show in town, so everyone will be happy, except the goats as their barn really needs cleaning.

Tomorrow is Justine's wedding shower.  It is very exciting.  2 weeks and 1 day until the wedding.  Hopefully I'll get some good pictures.
Well I guess that is it for now.  There are no new advances on the craft front other than Amanda and I are going to try to find a yarn shop in the city and try and pick a pattern to make this winter.  Hopefully in August at some point I'll have the drive to really get going on some projects..

Till next time,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.  Beautiful.  Barn chores done without much glitch.  We have one bottle baby who has discovered it is way easier to zip through the electric fence to come into the office to be fed then to walk all the way around the barn.  Wait until he is too big to just zip under it and he gets zapped for his zipping...As the straw under my feet was squishing as I walked I realized this weekend is going to be barn cleaning again.  Ugh!

On the way back from the barn I thought I'd snap a few pictures.
 A busy little bee

 Some nice blossoming alfalfa

A large bit of wild flowers.
Then further along I thought I would send an update of my chickens.  Unfortunately all I got was one picture before my camera battery died.
As you can see they are getting pretty big.

Nothing else much happening.  The day flies by and nothing seems to get accomplished.  I found out Brad's mom, my niece and nephew are due to arrive at my house on the 17th.  That is the day of Justine's wedding shower. I do still need to get a gift.
My sister in law and I are going to create a craft 'to do' list for this winter and then hopefully buy all the stuff we need to do it and maybe have a craft afternoon once or twice a week.  That should make the winter more enjoyable and even planning Christmas stuff with a friend/sister is going to be wonderful.
Well I should get off here for now and check on Taylor's school stuff and pretend I did something today.

Ta ta.