Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It has been a very long time since I have blogged.  Life again just got in the way.  My little muffin was born on November 27.  Isn't she adorable?

Her name is Phoenix Marie and my daughter is doing fine.

Christmas came and went without much fanfare.  We got together at my mom's and also at our house.  Now with the kids getting older it is harder to get together with their in-laws and jobs getting in the way.  We still managed.

January came and the guys had a brilliant idea of buying more goats to increase the herd and hopefully have enough that my brother and husband could quit their jobs and farm full time.  They purchased 3 different sets of goats--8 at one place, 79 at another place and 39 at the last place.  Unfortunately the funding didn't come through and my brother had to back out.  Now we have about 240 goats and I"m mostly managing on my own with their kidding.  Thankfully Rachel came home from college and is helping me.  I think at last count we had 110 babies.

Here are some of the little trouble makers.

Spring was very late.. we had winter, then spring, then winter again.  At this point I think we may finally have spring.  We are suppose to be at 20° for the next few days anyway.
I haven't yet started planting my seeds.  I never seem to be in the house for longer than 2 hours at a time and I don't want to start a project like that with a time limit.  Hopefully at some point this weekend.

Easter came and went much like Christmas--for the first time ever the Easter Bunny did not leave lots of chocolate and candy.  Wow!  I'm sure having Phoenix around next year will make up for that..

Grad plans are in the making and a visit from Brad's mom is suppose to be happening shortly.

For the BIG news.. I now own a needlework business called Nimble Fingers Needlework Supplies.  I don't have many customers, but hopefully the word will spread and they will come.
Crafting has been slow lately.  My friend Wilena came up and we went to a quilt retreat together in town.  I accomplished a few things.  I have also finished my nephew's quilt.

 It is suppose to go home with mom.
I've been slowly trucking along on my various quilting projects as well as slowly stitching.  Once kidding has stopped and bottle feeding gets on a three times a day schedule I should be able to work a little more on my stuff.  I have 12 quilting projects I aim to finish this year so I better get with it.

Well until next time..