Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here We Go Again---waaa

Well just when you think it is over.  The moms that I deemed not pregnant a couple months ago have started having their babies.  I pushed 12 out of the pregnancy area and into the common room.  So far in the last few days 6 have had babies.  One set of twins and the rest singles.  This morning the one little twin died.  I haven't a clue how/why.  We are also losing a former bottle baby.  She is just getting weaker and weaker.  I think the drastic change in weather patterns is reaking havoc on our herd.  B13 is also dying.  She we pretty much dead this morning, so by this afternoon I expect her to be gone.  She was a good girl and survived long enough to wean her baby.  She has been looking like death for months already.
Our little chicks aren't looking too much like chicks anymore.  They are quite large already and have most of their feathers.
The weather here has been fanatical.  Hail, sun, rain, thunder, lightning, rain, sun.. weird.  The poor goats don't know whether they are coming or going.

Craft wise nothing much happening.  I put a few stitches in on my quilt and finished up one of my monthly stitch alongs.  As I'm moving boxes from my old craft room to the new one, I can see just how much craft stuff I have accumulated over the years and that I really don't need to buy any more craft materials for several years.  I hope I can stick to just working on things I have.  The exception will be quilts.  I would like to do a quilt for all the family members here and I'll have to get more material for that. Although I have a good start on many members.  Tonight we just ran into a problem looking for glue guns.  Rachel needs one for a project she is doing and of the 3 I KNOW we own do you think we can find just one????? I found the glue sticks but no gun.  Can you talk about kaos and disorganization in my house.  Things have to change for the better.  Decluttering is going to have to be a priority.. Hmmm can I stick to that?

Well time for chores again so that is all for this time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Round 2 ??

Here we go again.  One of our mamas that we deemed not pregnant surprised us on Sat. Yes, she had a little baby boy.  Thankfully he is a healthy little brute.

We lost 2 goats this week past.  One sick older one and one of our little baby boys.  He was partially bottle fed and soooo cuddly and adorable.
Andrew (Rachel's boyfriend) found an injured baby hawk and he put it in our barn.  We've left the pen door open a couple times, but the darn thing won't leave, so either he likes the smorgusboard of mice in our barn or he really is so injured that he can't leave. Here he is.

We've lost 4 chicks out of our 52--This is what they looked like at 5 days old.

Now they are looking like this at 12 days.

I'm still quite nervous about raising chickens so I hope it goes well.  If it does, I may have the nerve to do turkeys as well next year.

I usually do my laundry on Monday so of course that is what my second chore of the day was.. Gorgeous day too.. warm and sunny.. I hung the 2 loads of laundry and sure enough, thunder and rain.  Now they are on there until tomorrow if it doesn't rain again.
I'm hoping to be refreshed somewhat tomorrow so I can get back into crafting a bit.  I've had company for a week, plus trying to recover from my surgery so I haven't been doing much of anything.  Now I have a book to finish for my book club meeting and I need to get caught up on my stitching and quilting.  More company is expected on the Canada Day weekend as well as the arrival of Brad's mom, niece and nephew.  So I have less then 3 weeks to get things done before they are all at a stand still again.  I think my life is so boring, but I guess in reality it isn't.  It just isn't life like on tv.

Well time to change my clothes for chores again.  See you all next time.