Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well a definite chill is in the air.  We are dropping to 0°C at night.  Brrrr!  Actually right now we are at -1°C.  It is suppose to go up to 19°C at some point today.  The trees are all starting to shed their summer glory.

It is sad really, but wonderful at the same time.

My darling daughter number 2 has decided to move out and live with friends until next May when she'll pop back in to repeat her summer job.  Not sure when that is happening, but I imagine before Halloween.

We also have a repeat customer at our house.  Ember has come back to live with us.  She is having issues regarding her house training and my eldest is tired of it.  So Justine passed the problem on to me.  Hopefully we can fix it or I'm not sure what is going to happen.  Changing diapers on a dog is not happening.
This is Ember
We also had a neglected batch of kittens come in the house to be bottle fed.  We're not even sure who they belong to outside, but we have an idea.  At any rate another week or so and they'll be ready for new homes.  I hope I can find some homes for them.

On the farm end:  We lost another mama goat. She died the same way as most of the others that have died.  Just wasted away.  She lost her baby quite a while ago from neglect and I wonder if she didn't know that she wasn't well and that's why she let her baby die.  Who knows.  It's almost time to put the bucks back in with the gals, so we need to get rid of the rest of the babies soon whether they are up to weight or not.
The last of our roosters will be butchered in a couple weeks.  It is time.  We don't plan to heat the chicken coop and it is getting quite cold out there.

Crafting?  Well I have managed to put a few stitches in a couple projects.  Today I will complete page one of my Love Is project for Justine's anniversary.

I should also make a bit of progress on my quilt.  I really would like to see it finished and put on the spare bed.  Andrew's vacating the spare room and my finished quilt could be timed to match, but I doubt it.  He'll be gone within a month and there is no way that quilt will be done that fast.  I'm taking a quilt wall hanging class on Sat.  Hopefully I'll complete it there and have a finished project to brag about. 

Well I'm off to check the animals.. See you next time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time for an Update

Well where to begin.  I guess I last left off with the wedding.  Since then we've shipped 46 kids to market with the rest heading there sometime around Oct. 1.  We've had a few minor illnesses with some but nothing serious.  The nice pasture grass is pretty much dead and Brad put in the hay bales.  So things are getting back to busy.  We'll be aiming to breed at least half sometime this month.

We said goodbye to 19 broiler chickens.  We had a nice day with friends and family butchering.

The first lucky contestant

 On we go...

All the pretty birds in a row    

Having a wiener roast after.

And that was that.  We're having another butchering day in Oct.  Kevin and Amanda's birds will be ready and so will our roosters.  I saved back 13 hens and 2 roosters, but we may keep less than that.

Mom, Danielle and I spent a couple hours last week making some cards.  This is the start of the monthly meetings that were suppose to happen starting last January, but somehow never did.  Anyhow ...

The first card is one of the 2 we made.  Danielle has the other card picture on her camera.  The second card is one I made after I got home.  These are from a kit from Annie's Attic.  Each kit makes 8 I believe, so there will be enough to split.  Amanda may join us too.

Speaking of Amanda.  We're going to the city this week to finally get to a health food store, knitting store, teacher's store and homeschooling store.  woohoo.. going to be a busy day.  We have projects that we need to get supplies for.  All the stores are entered into my GPS already so we should be good to go.

Danielle and I also auditioned for a musical/play in the nearby town and we both got in.  We went to a practise last night to do a read through.  Our parts will be emailed to us this week.  Quite exciting really.

Well I guess that is as updated as it gets for now.  Time to get on with the day.