Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Spring

Well it sure has been a while.  Wow..

The snow has now gone and it the weather is more consistently mild. The most exciting news is that I´m going to be a Nana is November.. woohoo.. I´m planning to get busy making baby stuff.
The quilt I started for my niece is almost done--well the piecing is.  Danielle´s quilt is just waiting for the binding to be put on and it will be done.  My block of the month from last year is underway with me on installment #5.  I aim to get those 3 things done and then complete one baby quilt.  After that is accomplished I want to get back into scrapbooking for a bit.  Justine´s scrapbook really should get finished since she is now starting her own family.

At the barn things are hopping.  We have already birthed 100 baby goats with a few more to go.  We had a few preemies and a few accidents from moms, but so far all is well.  Hopefully we can keep it that way.  I´m debating whether or not to get chicks this year.  I´m not sure it is economical when I don´t sell the chickens or the eggs for profit.  It would probably be cheaper for me to just buy eggs when I need them.  I do like the home raised chicken meat though... urgh!! decisions decisions.

Amanda and I are anxiously awaiting planting time.  We both spent quite a bit of money on Heritage Seeds for an awesome garden each and have high hopes of doing alot of canning and freezing this fall.  I hope it works out.  It is almost time to start the little seedlings indoors.

My computer crashed and then just as we figured that all out it actually died.  Brad is awaiting a part now to see if he can fix it.  The part should be arriving on Thurs..  so no pictures until then.. So... it will probably be my next update before any new pictures get put on.  Should be some Easter ones.  Maybe a picture of Danielle´s quilt if I get my butt into gear.

Well I guess with that I will close.. It has been awhile, but there isn´t a whole lot new to tell you.  Till next time.


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